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Talk about generalizing


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The Marlins made some columnist's weekly top X issues breakdowns - slash - feedback mailbags - slash - sound of one hand jerking off the author's mind.


Does it matter who? There's a billion other dopes who do this bit, have been for a long time, including our own Todd Jones although in a slightly different style. Many of them commended for sharing us peons with their empty analysis. Fine, okay, it was Ryne Sandberg. Call him names if that makes you feel better. :)


Anyway here it is...



...2. Is Jack McKeon's rough personality finally getting to the Marlins?


First of all, when players start to talk negatively about their manager – which is what some of the Florida Marlins did in a newspaper report last week – that is often the beginning of a team's downfall.


Players want a manager who is up front and honest, uses the entire team and continually puts his players in position to do well. Managers have to bring a positive attitude to the ballpark that will also be reflected down to the players. It's apparent that the Marlins are underachieving at this point, so something is wrong with the chemistry.


The easiest way to fix it is to make a managerial change, which is what the Marlins did when they named McKeon the skipper in 2003. His gruff ways fired up the Marlins and sparked them to a World Series championship. But when a team wins games, problems are hidden or pushed aside. If this team goes on a winning streak, all the talk about personality conflicts will probably disappear.


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