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Mitchell warns government could become involved in steroids probe


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PHOENIX ? (AP) ? Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell warned baseball owners that a lack of cooperation with his investigation into steroid use will "significantly increase'' the chances of governmental involvement.


Speaking to owners at baseball's quarterly meetings, Mitchell said he intends to interview active players and raised the possibility that Congress or other government authorities could compel testimony.


"I believe it will be in your best interests, and the best interests of baseball, if I can report that I have received full cooperation from your organizations, and from others, in conducting this investigation,'' Mitchell said in remarks that were released to reporters.


Mitchell cannot compel testimony. He warned the clubs that Congress or other federal or state authorities which do have subpoena power could get involved.


"I believe that a report that is not credible and thorough will significantly increase the possibility of action by others, especially if it's the result of a lack of cooperation by the clubs, or by anyone else who is or has been involved with baseball,'' Mitchell said.


Mitchell did not speak to reporters after addressing owners. He was hired by commissioner Bud Selig last March following more than a year of allegations against Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and other stars. No timetable was set for Mitchell's report.


Selig also spoke to the owners on the subject Thursday. Asked if he had urged the clubs to cooperate with Mitchell, Selig said, "Urge is probably not strong enough.''


"Look, some clubs have been more cooperative than others, but at this stage, I'm not concerned about that,'' Selig said. "He will have cooperation.''


Wow that could be an intresting twist on things ... if owners start facing issues about players using/abusing the system

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Guest FlummoxedLummox

Me: Hey, Government?


Government: Yeah, FlummoxedLummox?


Me: Thanks for spending my hard-earned tax money justly and equitably.


Government: Why, whatever do you mean?


Me: I just wanted to let you know that it's really great how you're protecting the youth of America from the perils of steroids. With all the menaces facing this country, it's comforting to know that you, our government, are acting prudently by confronting the issues that matter. Moreover, I want to give you a special thanks for leaving no stone unturned in your search, by targeting everyone who warrants investigation.


Government: Thanks.


Me: No. Thank YOU.

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