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  1. Yea maybe he is trying to get out of trouble or something.I hope he does well and doesnt Quit.
  2. Das you live in texas and support at least one texas team right? Well most people that live in a certain area support a team in that area.
  3. Did you grow up here or something...
  4. my teams have a total of 7 championships. Thats nothing compared to how many championships Admin's teams have won up in New York. I know that a Dolphin is a not a fish but the media sometimes refers to the Dolphins as "Fish" usually they say fins instead.
  5. His collage coach said he was more of hitter, because he had power and speed.
  6. Dexter Jackson is the MVP of SuperBowl XXXVII! He pratically came out of nowhere a man no one thought would be the MVP. BTW: Did you know the marlins drafted John Lynch as a pitcher?
  8. Pudge-7


    I like SD's logo.
  9. He is still 33 i think and could play but only wants to play for a team near his hometown. Where does he live anyways? by cincy and St.louis only 2 teams he would sign with
  10. Pudge-7

    New Record

    oh it was a ghost then right or an error in the boards
  11. Pudge-7

    New Record

    I dont go to paul bell and beckett has been sending me pm saying i am
  12. Pudge-7

    New Record

    sindy doesnt even go to Ruben....she goes to my school. W.R. is full of gangs, lol..... I dont even know you you keep insisting iam lowell who ever that is. Is this lowell even on the boards he never post.
  13. Well I am a proud bulldog... Graduate of G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School Class of the millenium- Class of 2000 (that's right...and what?!) Well, sindy- reread yenta's post....it says when she graduated...lol thats the other school i will probably go to next year.
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