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  1. If he played for the Saints still, none of you would care. 474459[/snapback] I sure wouldn't.
  2. I am behind Ricky 100%
  3. Uncle Ditka will be his best friend.
  4. Uncle Ditka will teach that little fella all the things parents can't, He will be downing brewskies and eating wings in no time.
  5. Way to go Admin, For a second there I thought there would be a Mini Ditka running around.
  6. I am all man sister, I can drink more beers and eat more wings then anyone in Chicago.
  7. If I was fruity would I have on this bling bling? That is a Super Bowl ring my friends.
  8. That was a nice little rap there son, You ever hear of the Super Bowl Shuffle? That was my idea.
  9. Where is that nice boy Admin? I havent forgotten my promise to you son.
  10. I havent read the rules yet so I am not sure if i can say where I was all day but lets just say even you would be able to get "up" and have fun.
  11. Hey Bob, Why don't you let these kids have some fun?
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