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  1. Hey, I just didn't want this excerpt from the article on your home page to get lost: The Windy City is a long way from South Florida, but the Marlins took to their new home like, well, a fish in water. They won both games, making them winners of seven of their last 10 in Chicago, and discovered they have quite the fan base here. Despite short notice and afternoon games on a weekday, a spirited crowd of 5,457 came out Tuesday, paying $15 -- $5 went to hurricane relief -- for the rare opportunity to see a National League game in an American League park. There were 4,003 at Monday's game. Though the crowd again seemed to be split between Marlins and Expos fans, the Florida groupies were much more vocal Tuesday. McKeon looked like a politician as he signed autographs before the game, and fans gave him a standing ovation when he argued with umpires over a no-call on fan interference. Fans gave the Marlins another standing ovation after the game. "I hate to leave here," McKeon said. "These fans were great. Did you see how they were after the game?"
  2. I was surprised to see how many Marlin fans wearing Marlin colors were at this game. There were a lot of Cub fans there too, but the Marlin & Sox fans together were louder- it was cool. I was sitting between the Marlins dugout and home plate and there was a huge section of Marlin fans sitting at the outfield end of their dugout and they were LOUD. The atmosphere to me was like that of a World Series game. People were not just cheering- they were standing and yelling. We were closer to home plate, so we were trying to encourage the hitters while they were up to bat and in the on-deck circle and booing the home plate ump at times. I hope it lifted the players because I know it must have sucked losing 3 home games recently and with all the troubles in Florida.
  3. I just wanted to let all of you Marlin fans out there know that we supported your team well while they played their home games in Cellular Field in Chicago, home of the Sox. There were a lot of Cub fans there rooting for the Expos, but the fans rooting for the Marlins were more numerous and louder. It wasn't like it was a packed stadium or anything because there aren't many people who can make it to an emergency day game during the week, but there were at least 5,000. I was right in the middle of it and it was rowdy and LOUD! There were a lot of people there in Marlin's colors. We encouraged the Marlin players, many stood and cheered when they made a good play or came in from the field after 3 outs, were standing and cheering with 2 outs in the 9th inning rooting for the final out, and gave them a standing ovation after the celebrated their win and came to the dugout- in fact, Jack McKeon tipped his hat to us. I also have to say that I really like your owner. He sat several rows in front of us in a roped off section and he did not turn away anyone who wanted an autograph and posed for a few pictures with some children. He is cool. Sox park will be your home away from home whenever you need it and both Sox and Marlin fans will come out and drown the Cub fans out. I hope you guys take it all again!!
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