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  1. When I first saw it, it was 49.3% Marlins 46.3- Braman 4.4-indecided. good job everyone! Keep it up!
  2. Hi everyone. I found this while browsing the web. It's a poll that WPBT is conducting after the Samson and Braman Interviews. I encourage you all the vote for the Marlins. It might just seem as a silly poll, but we have to remember that Braman originally used these polls to "show commissioners" that the community sided with him. Let's show them otherwise! Link to Poll
  3. Hi everyone. South Florida's Favorite Fish Billy the Marlin has been nominated for the Mascot Hall of Fame. Please take a moment and vote for Billy at MASCOT HALL OF FAME, you can vote as many time as you want. I encourage everyone to vote for BILLY!!! After all, we all are Marlins fans!
  4. Just got back. I would say there were about 20 of us. Should be on Univision tonight at 6pm.
  5. just a friendly reminder. Hope some of you come out.
  6. yes it is really going to happen. i'll see you there
  7. versailles is on 8st. in the heart of little havana and easier to get to and park than the courthouse. feel free to join. i am sure we will get the adequate press coverage.
  8. Ok so many of you have heard about the little rally that Norman Braman and Tomas Regalado setup on Saturday at Versailles to protest the Marlins stadium. So in response to their rally, there's a few of us "viejos" who are setting up a Pro-Marlins Rally. We are hoping to get better media coverage than Braman. The trial begins tomorrow and we need to show our support for our team. Please feel free to join us. Here's the basics: What: Pro-Marlins Stadium Rally Where: Versailles Restaurant Who: ALL MARLINS FANS!!! Time: 1pm See you there! :thumbup
  9. It would be nice to have someone like Livan back in our rotation. He eats up innings and that's something we desperately need. I just saw on ESPN Rumor Central that the Twins might use him as trade bait, but they have the Braves as a frontrunner. I'm sure he would love to come back to Miami...plus he has playoff experience.... Livan on the trade block? Livan Hernandez | Twins | Interested: Twins? Braves? According to ESPN's Buster Olney, Twins right-hander Livan Hernandez could be on the trading block. With very little quality starting pitching in the league right now Hernandez will de
  10. I hate to break it to you, but she might just be using you. It would make no sense for a girl to setup another profile on another site while she's dating you. BE CAREFUL!
  11. i think you guys should try to make it out there. It is a short notice, but it's a Saturday morning and something important in Marlins history. I'm heading out the door right now. I'll see you guys there!
  12. I have gone ahead and cleaned up this thread since it was pretty much hijacked. Let's get to the serious part of this thread. Come on out and enjoy the festivities. Either way you'll be a part of history (whether it's Hanley or a ballpark announcement) and something to be proud of as the Marlins Fans you guys say you are. Go Fish! :rock
  13. There's plenty of parking around the neighborhood.
  14. Regardless of what it is, if you are really a Marlins fan, Stand up and Stand out at the event!
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