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  1. We are not here too bash any-1 sorry you feel that way! we are just hardcore DolFans who make appearances at sporting events especially when it has to do with Miami .. and we pass by here just to let our fellow Marlins fans, know that we will be there to Cheer and Root for our Team .. thanks all for your time ... Goooooooo Marlinsssss! Gooooooooo Finsssss!
  2. This is us, and yes i know Football is not till Sept, but we go to a few sporting events, before the season starts...
  3. The DolFan Bandits Will Be At The Marlins Vs Yankees Game On June 19, 2009 Friday 7pm ... Be On The Look Out For The Banners.. All DolFans and Marlins Fans!! Will Love Them Together Lets Show New York What A HardCore Fan Is All About ... Cya At The Game!! "Goooooooo Marlinsssssss" Gooooooo Finssssssssss!
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