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  1. McClung can be very effective when used properly. Milwaukee's problem last year was throwing Seth into a starter's role (due to injuries) without working him into the role. Seth had a VERY productive 2008 and April/May of 2009. I have no doubt in my mind that he can and will prove a nice addition to the BP in Florida. The only thing I must warn you though is he can be a little shaky at times with runners on. Seems like he fairs much better when starting an inning opposed to coming in mid-inning. and WOW. This can guy scorch a fastball.... consistently upper-90's.
  2. McClunger

    Hello ALL!

    Hello ALL! I come over from the Milwaukee Brewers where I had a nice run, but I look forward to a fresh start with a fine organization, the Florida Marlins. I look forward to spending many, many quality years in Miami while helping to add to Florida's already impressive, albeit short, tradition.
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