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    Bryan Berglund

    I saw Berglund with the minor leaguers on Wednesday, he said his arm felt good and he wasn't sure yet where he would pitching this season, but he was hoping for Greensboro. Thank you for the information! Great to hear that his arm feels good.
  2. Anwest

    Bryan Berglund

    As a Swede I am deeply interested in Bryans future career. It was really sad that he needed that surgery, I hope it didn't ruined his chances this forthcoming season. Will he play in GCL if he's fit? Baseball is a minor sport in Sweden with only a thousand players (comparison: soccer 606000 players, icehockey 168000 players) and our biggest stadium is Örvallen (2500 attendance with removable stands). It made some news when Berglund got drafted and later signed for $572,5k with the Marlins, so it's important for the sport in Sweden that he make some success. Even triple-A level would be hug
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