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WWE Raw 3/29


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RAW Thoughts:


Batista gets top billing over Flair? Shame on you, Lillian....I was a bit surprised by Foley's return, but I guess he'll disappear again after Backlash....Alright, who brought the "Michael P.S. Hayes" sign?....Loved the Tajiri segment. I was hoping we'd see the debut of "Blind Coach"....Molly v.s Nidia was an okay match. Hopefully Nidia can inject some new blood into a stagnant division....Did Triple H say that RAW was the #1 show on TV? What rankings is HE looking at?....Finally, Storm renounces his gimmick. Then he gets squashed. Poor Lance....Another boring Trips promo....the tag title match was pretty good. And we get a Dusty Finish!!....


Is Johnny Nitro going to come out as Johnny Ace next week?....It's so awkward to see Michaels jump on 2 guys on the outside and the other five around them fall too, even though they weren't touched....That commercial with the Brock/Goldberg wrestlers HAS to be an inside joke....I called the "Jezebel" comment by JR seconds before it happened....I find her explanation poor- Jericho saved her NUMEROUS other times, while Christian just kicked her ass....And Jericho breaks out Steph's nickname for Trish....


Tajiri v.s Kane was, well, odd, but the Edge spear worked....Trips v.s Shelton was an AWESOME match. It reminded me of the matches he had on RAW with Taka and Al Snow in consecutive weeks- not title contenders, but he made them look good and look like they had a chance to win....SHELTON WITH THE UPSET!! BY GOD, I'VE SEEN IT ALL NOW!!....Okay, Trips is off the hook for a LONG while now.

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