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The Recycling Racket

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OK, took out the recyclables last night. Had them sorted in an orderly fashion in both the yellow and blue bins... Then I got to thinking....What a scheme!!!


Now, I know that recycling is good for the enviroment and all that. But think of it from a manufacturers perspective. Before recycling, manufacturers had to go out and purchase raw products then create packaging. Now, all they do is buy the already refined materials from recyclers for pennies of what they would of paid to do the whole thing over again from the start.


For any company that sells products for home use that are in containers this must of been a Godsend. What a rip that I don't get something back for schlepping my old porn mags and crack pipes out in their respective containers every night. After all, my supposed environmental consciousness helps subsideize their production costs!!!!


At least in some states they offer refunds on "returnable" soda cans/bottles. Heck, they don't even offer that in FL.


Just rambling.....

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