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I went to todays games expecting a slightly above average experience being that today was the ring day, but I got more than that. One more excellent memory in my Marlins bank. From seeing the to choi's blasts to the fireworks and everything in between it was as close to a perfect night as you can get at the park. Now back at my house I sit bac and am just happy after a night like this. Unfortunately, even with all this, I can't help but think how people simply say baseball isnt fun and dont want to go to the games for numerous reasons. All I have to say at this point is management has done there part. Loria has been making extra efforts in fan relations this year and it is entirely apparent. If anyone can go to a game like tonight and say its not fun(which im sure many will) then this town does not deserve a team and I hope they leave simply because the players deserve something better, but on a positive note, I did see some very nice changes in the atmosphere from these new fans. Two of my favorites including the Hee Seop Choi chant when he came up to bat after his third home run as well as the "We Want Doughnuts" chant when the Marlins came one hit away from buying the entire stadium a dozen free doughnuts. All and all I would just like to say that the Marlins are great and I am appreciatve for every wonderful moment they have given me and everyone else from '93 to now.


PS: I realize this jumped around a lot, but so did my thought process throughout the game so deal with it. :thumbup

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