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Why Drilling In Alaska Is Good

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Because some people just read past replies without any due consideration, they would of noticed that I said "I have been to Alaska."


Yes, I have.


Three good reasons to drill ANWR:


1. It's useless

2. Horizontal drilling will take a minimal amount of acres where there's millions

3. Oil makes money and money = good


1. Yes, Alaska north of Fairbanks most of the Year is a frozen block.




Up here is a totally frozen block! Somewhere very close to the ANWR land, Deadhorse Alaska, has an average temperature under 40 degrees F from October to May. From November to April the high is ZERO degrees. Yes, zero. Tall trees and such start dissappearing after fairbanks and the land is pretty much barren and void of life.


What's ANWR look like? It's barren and practically lifeless:



Other drilling has had no effect on the wildlife population in the north slope of Alaska. Half the reason might be that such an inhospitable area simply cannot support the amount of life necessary to be disturbed from some drilling.


I have seen Alaska with my very own eyes. If you were to drill in the middle of anchorage or Seward, wild life would be harmed. drilling in the middle of ANWR will do nothing, because quite simply, shrubs have a hard time surviving there. There's not much of anything...humans, animals, plants...it's a wasteland. It's jsut as cold as hell most of the time.


So no, drilling will not disturb Bambi and her family.


2. I have heard estimates that with horizontal drilling technology as few as 5,000 acres will be used out of 23,000,000. That is .02% of all the land. That's like trying to pick a red marble out of a pool of 9,999 blue ones...IT'S VERY SMALL. Alaska is gigantic, absolutely huge. You cannot fathom it's size. Horizontal drilling makes the argument "all that land is needed for wildlife" null, because quite frankly it is barely using any. The Alaskan Pipeline hasn't disturbed life either my friends and as stated previously, there really isn't any life up there. There's some, but take 23,000,000 acres anywhere on Earth and you will find something.


3. ANWR might have 11.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Quite simply, a lot of money is to be had selling this oil and that is good for the U.S. economy (about 400 billion dollar's worth.) It is a fact that drilling is not an environmental problem, because quite simply there is just so much land and so few forms of life. So why not make money on it, that's what I say. It's better than bombing countries for their oil!


So drill away, there's absolutely no good reason to not do so.





i lived in Alaska for 4 years. There is stuff in ANWR. You talk so much about people being ignorant talking about things they know nothing about, yet you do it right here. Why?

If you lived in Alaska, you know damn well there's not much of anything north of fairbanks. So you can call you me ignorant all you want, I had eyeballs, I was able to see the obvious. The more north you go, the less plant and animal life there is. 5,000 acres of drilling isn't going to disturb ANWR because it isn't exactly bursting with wildlife. That is a fact. Furthermore, drilling in other parts of alaska haven't disturbed wildlife either.


So if you lived there 4 years, I would think you would know these things. Then again, you might of never went north of anchorage.

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