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Thing's you hate...


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This a thread on thing's you hate,Here is my list:


1.When you call a girl you really like and she don't pick up the phone.

2.When the girl you really like make's excuses everytime you wanna go with her somewhere(but i believe her)...



...Post the stuff you hate...

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You sound like you hate that girl.


- Waking early in the morning.

- Liars

- Students that suck up to teachers

- Lakers

There's more.

Kna,i love her with all my heart,i'm just starting to feel like if we falling apart fom each other(cuz she barely get on aim also).I know there's many girls out there but she's special to me,she has a beautiful personality,she has a cute voice,and she is the sweetest girl,and i really like her.

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