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Message to Griffey Haters...


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Please do me a favor........















































You all are like "Yeah, we showed Griffey, HAHAHAHA". Sure you did, he narrowly missed 2 homers, didn't get thrown at, and the Marlins won.


The guy looked in the dugout for about 2 seconds after he hit a 450 foot homer to send the message that you shouldn't be pitching around guys to get to him.


He didn't flip anybody off, he didn't say anything, and he didn't show anybody up. The anger over this around here is utterly ridiculous, and to be honest I find it to be quite annoying.


So please people, enjoy your victory and enjoy the GREAT GREAT outing you got from Phelps (I had to mention that) and just shut up about Griffey because that whole thing is over and done with, and it's not like everybody will be saying "yeah, we sure showed Griffey" after the game in the Marlins Clubhouse.

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