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Die Another Day (Special Edition DVD)

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Yep... as a huge Bond fan... I was forced to buy this DVD on June 3rd, since I never saw it at theaters... got it for $14.99 with a free 7UP 2-liter bottle at Target :p


The DVD is packed with special features but the movie.... um... well...


I hate the idea that Bond is caught... I said... "what? Did I get the wrong movie?" Second Halle Berry's acting in this movie is horrible.. and she becomes a problem because Bond needs to save her a couple of times. 3rd, "Lasers" :lol



Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5...



At least it doesn't fall in The World is not Enough category.

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DT I think you were nice with your review. This movie was by far the worst Bond film ever which is a lot to say after The Dalton films.


I bought this only to fill my collection because I need to fill my collection and finally all the films are getting re-released.


I can't beleive Jinx is getting her own film! She was absolutly horrible, Seriously I would rather be shot than see her movie! "Your Momma" Please shut up and go flash someone else in your other movies. Btw she is also going to disgrace Batman with her catwoman movie!


Also this film was loaded with other refrences to past bond films mainly Goldfinger. The only ones I liked were The Astin Martin and The Moneypenny scene.


Also they disgraced Ian Flemming in this film as he always put it...


"James goes wildly beyond the probable but NEVER beyond the possible"


They just went across the line! I went into XXX knowing that it would be not possible in real life and liked it becasue of that. I always went into James Bond thinking it was somewhat possible not anymore...


This film was trash and needs to be thrown away!


1.5 out of 5

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