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Big Series


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The Mets series is "Big" for a few reasons.


1) Every game counts, in a division race that will like go down to the wire, every game is huge. When you are playing one of the division foes, each game is twice as important.


2) The front office is looking a sign of life as they determine whether, or not, it is worth it to make a move for this team. A series win could them the confidence they need to go out and acquire an impact player (assuming there's one available) to aid in the stretch run.


3) This is the last series before the All-Star break, and how well the Marlins perform this series will go a long ways in determining the mood of the organization over the break. A series win here could be the boost the organization needs. We don't want players and coaches brooding over the break, and we certainly don't want to sink into a losing attitude. Rather, we need something positive to happen, so we can rest confident over the break and come back ready to take on the world.


4) It's fun to win!


Go Marlins!

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yea we know all that



I wish we all did. Unfortunately, I think some people just want to make it to the All-Star break. There are excuses: injuries, inexperienced player, tired players, ect. However, I think it would be a terrible mistake to write off this series and hope that we can just turn it around after the All-Star game.

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we will win atleast 2 of 3 vs.muts. marlins always win when they have to win. trust me, mets r enjoying second place, but we will be tied or take the lead of 2nd after the series. cabs is catching fire, hitting not running,lol, castillo making good hits, willingham has gotten in base alot. choi has been consistent,lowell is clutch, a.j been doing good, penny now has spider powers like spiderman, its all good.

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