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Minority vote key


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No wonder they are challenging with all their rescources every minority voter they can. Im sure they wouldnt mind the "frustrating effect" that vicious challenging will create. Plausible deniability will protect them from the accusation of suppresion and disenfranchisment. But its clear what the motive is. Less minorities who vote..the better.


Also interesting that this is off the 2000 exit polls. More minorities than 2000 are voting now and even if they can cancel the increase, it may not matter.



THE MINORITY VOTE....Hmmm. Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio has just finished a survey of 12 battleground states and finds Bush and Kerry tied with 47% of the vote apiece. But when he weights for minority turnout based on the 2000 exit polls, Kerry is ahead 49.2%-45.7%. And when he further updates the weighting to take into account the most recent census results, Kerry is ahead 49.9%-44.7%.


As Fabrizio blandly puts it, "It is clear that minority turnout is a wildcard in this race and represents a huge upside for Sen. Kerry and a considerable challenge for the President's campaign." More accurately, if Fabrizio is right ? that Kerry is ahead by 5% overall in the battleground states ? Kerry is a sure winner on November 2.


Suddenly the Bush campaign's obsession with challenging voters in minority neighborhoods makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Their own internal polling is probably telling the same thing that Fabrizio's poll says: unless they somehow manage to keep the minority vote down, they're doomed.


NOTE: The press release with the poll results is here. However, it's a PDF file that blew up my computer when I tried to open it. I eventually had to download it to my hard drive and reboot my PC in order to read it. Fair warning.





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How much registration fraud is coming out of upscale neighborhoods?


I don't think the Crackheads For Kerry canvassing efforts would have much success in say Belair or the Chicago north shore...


You have proof that the vast amount of registration fraud is coming from blacks and low income neighborhoods? An incedent in Ohio doesnt=pattern or crisis.


And I ask you this. If the Republicans have the names of people who are not legitimatley registered, why not tell the election divisions so that they can be removed? Why the decision to confront people at the polls? I imagine its because they want to cause as much annoyance as possible.

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