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New team to rate, and a slight dilemma


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Hey, I have a new team...it's in a 9 team league...Yahoo 5x5 standard...currently I'm in first, but who knows what's gonna happen! I have a slight pitching dilemma, though...


C: Varitek

1B: Morneau

2B: Kent

3B: Wright

SS: Tejada

OF: Huff

OF: Edmonds

OF: Pierre

Util: J. Guillen

BN: Pierzynski

BN: Ordonez


SP: R. Johnson

SP: Peavy

RP: Lidge

RP: Hoffman

P: T. Gordon

P: J. Mesa

P: Willis

BN: L. Hernandez

BN: D. Lowe

BN: Clement

DL: B. Penny


As of now, I've been rotating my pitchers between starts and starting both Pierzynski and Varitek because of Morneau's and Magglio's injuries...however, when Penny comes off of the DL, I'll have too many roster positions filled. Should I just drop Penny or if not, which other player should I drop when Penny comes back? Thanks.

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