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Scared me good


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So a friend of mine was over the other night playing Nintendo. Me, after having a few drinks, was tired and decided to go to bed. I quickly feel asleep. Well, when my friend got done playing and decided to leave, he thought it would be funny to mess with me. Now, you have to understand, I don't wake up for anything, which is what makes this case amusing, because my friend knows that. The only things that wake me up are my alarm and someone saying my name. You can poke at me and yell and what not and I still won't wake up.


So my friend decides to start flicking quarters at me. Naturally, I don't wake up. What happens next though was priceless. He poked me with a cd and both my arms shot straight up and the air, hit him in the face, and shook violently like some kind of cartoon character. Keep in mind I was still flat on my back when this happened. Also, I let out the scariest scream he said he'd ever heard. I screamed twice. Very very loudly in a very very frightening way. Considering it was 1 in the morning, I hope I didn't wake the neighbors.


He scared the s*** outta me and he said I scared the s*** outta him. Afterwards, we both had a good laugh.

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