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WWE Wins Lawsuit


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The latest on the lawsuit regarding Brock Lesnar vs. WWE is that the WWE have moved successfully for attorneys Jerry S. McDevitt, Mark D. Feczko, and Christopher Michalski to be added to their legal team for the case. Jerry S. McDevitt has been the head of WWE legal cases for a while now. He was successful in Vince McMahon's defense against steroid distribution charges in the State of New York in 1994.


The World Wrestling Entertainment won a civil judgment of $396,000 on 4/8 against B.M. Korea, Limited, who is a Korean-based entertainment company. Judge Mark Kravitz from the District Court of Connecticut ordered the default judgment in favor to WWE, who sued BM in December 2003 over money regarding WWE video rights as they did not go by the lines of the licensing agreement. It was claimed by the WWE that after signing a three-year distribution deal in January 2003, BM Korea stopped living up to their end of the contract seven months later and refused to send money owed to the World Wrestling Entertainment. $36,000 was paid in advanced by BM Korea and then they never followed up with additional payments once. BM Korea did not answer any of the court's requests to respond regarding the lawsuit, this may not be a good sign for WWE when collecting the judgment.


WWE is already holding a pre-sale for their 6/19 return to Manchester, Great Britain.



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