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Hogan Not Pleased with Return

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Hulk Hogan wasn't said to be very thrilled about his opponents at the Backlash PPV on May 1 when he teamed with Shawn Michaels against Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari. More specifically, Hogan wasn't said to be happy about Daivari using high flying wrestling moves on him, feeling that it wasn't appropriate or his style given the circumstances of the match. Daivari had been told by WWE officials since he signed with the company that there were no plans for him to wrestle at any point, but things changed when he was needed storyline wise. Hogan was said to be more open to Hassan teaming with a larger wrestler, but WWE was unable to fill that slot at such short notice.


As reported earlier, Roddy Piper made public to the UK press that he recently signed a five year deal with WWE. The deal will not require him to work for WWE, although he will work a few RAW brand House Shows managing Shawn Michaels later this year. The contract basically gives WWE the rights to market his likeness in the various projects they have planned in exchange for Piper getting a share.



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