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May 9, 2005 - This weekend we witnessed the biggest Xbox 360 leak yet. Images of the console and its components were most likely taken from the taping of the MTV event and spread across the internet in a matter of hours. What you see below is the console, the controller, a remote, a camera, and a headset. We can't officially comment on the authenticity of these pictures, but they do resemble previous images released through Ourcolony or found on the web. We may have reached the point where so much information about the system has been revealed that there is nothing left to keep hidden. I half expect an unfinished copy of Perfect Dark to show up at my local mall.


Previously, most next-generation information has appeared on Ourcolony.net. The site hooks visitors with cryptic blurbs of information, images, and some riddles. Gamers are encouraged to register with the site and either join a colony, or create their own. It is heavily emphasized that only players who work together and spread the message will be successful in advancing the game. The site features a leader board that awards points to colonies that sign up more members and answer questions correctly.


Fans of Halo 2 will remember the last 4orty2wo campaign that was based around Ilovebees.com. This URL was released along with the Halo 2 trailer in theaters and led millions of visitors on a wild goose chase. People who followed the game to its completion were given access to events on November 4th, where they were able to play Halo 2 before its release to the general public. 42 Entertainment's web site claims they create large scale "search operas," designed to cause consumers to look for the product.


Like the previous ARG, this one features a timer that counts down to May 12th. This is the date that the Xbox 2 was supposed to be revealed to the world on MTV. You can read more about the recently announced event here.




The image corroborates the design we've been discussing in previous Ourcolony articles. The console is displayed as standing on its side, and is white instead of the metallic-silver color from older screen shots. The controller has a silver "X" button in the center. The start and back buttons appear to have been moved from the left side to the center of the controller.





As we've previously reported, the face shows two memory units slots, no controller ports, and a concave profile. The disc tray above the memory units is silver in color along with what appears to be the hard drive on top of the unit.


The remote has all of the buttons necessary for DVD playback along with the X, Y, B, A, back, and start buttons. This means that the remote can be used for simple gaming functions. The rumored Xbox camera is shown next to the system. It is a small flattened peripheral that resembles the Eye Toy.





On a slightly more cryptic note, there are still images being released directly through the Ourcolony viral campaign. The image on the left appears to be a round logo that resembles the silver button on the controller, and remote. The image on the right looks like the large power button on the front of the console surrounded by different types of colorful imagery.


We'll have more information on the viral campaign, the future of Xbox hardware, and next generation software as E3 and the MTV announcement loom closer. Check out the image gallery to see all of the images we've catalogued concerning the Xbox 360.



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