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UFC 53 Results


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The following are detailed results from last night's UFC 53: Heavy Hitters pay-per view courtesy of Matt Boone and MMANews.com:


Quick-Match Results:

-Nick Diaz def. Koji Oishi via TKO (punches) in Round 1.

-David Loiseau def. Charles McCarthy via TKO (back-kick/punches) in Round 2.

-Nate Quarry def. Shonie Carter via TKO (punches) in Round 1.

-Paul Buentello def. Kevin Jordan via Submission (neck crank) in Round 1.

-Forrest Griffin def. Bill Mahood via Submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1.

-Rich Franklin def. Evan Tanner via TKO (stoppage) in Round 4 to become UFC Middleweight champion.

-Karo Parisyan def. Matt Serra via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) after 3 rounds.

-Andrei Arlovski def. Justin Eilers via TKO (injury stoppage) in Round 1.


Detailed Results:


Nick Diaz vs. Koji Oishi


Complete mismatch. Oishi came in with a completely unorthodox standing style. His hands were way down from covering his head, and Diaz with an overwhelming reach advantage and improved striking took out the #3 rated Welterweight Pancrase fighter in Koji Oishi, with a knockdown from a big left hand followed by some ground and pound to a referee stoppage, a little over a minute into round one.


Winner: Nick Diaz via TKO (punches) in Round 1.



David "The Crow" Loiseau vs. "Chainsaw" Charles McCarthy


Good fight. First round was pretty even, edge to Loiseau. McCarthy was able to get the fight on the ground where he wanted, and even managed to get Loiseau's back. He attempted a rear naked choke, but Loiseau defended well and was able to reverse McCarthy and gain the top position. The fight got back to the feet, and Loiseau controlled for the most part to finish the round, missing a huge flying leg kick/knee shot at the end of the round. Good first round, pretty close. Could have gone either way, I'd give a slight edge to Loiseau.


Awesome finish here in round two. Loiseau lands a spinning back-kick flush around the liver area of McCarthy. McCarthy grimised in pain as he backed straight up, allowing Loiseau to come in landing a flying knee that dropped McCarthy. From there, Loiseau finished up with a couple of punches and the referee stopped the fight giving "The Crow" the win via TKO in round 2.


Winner: David "The Crow" Loiseau via TKO (back-kick/punches) in Round 2.



Nate "Rock" Quarry vs. "Mr. International" Shonie Carter


Awesome entrance by Shonie Carter including some cool music, a pimp walking cane and a pimp cup like rapper Lil' Jon carries around. Quarry's entrance was uneventful. Anyways, first round saw Quarry come out strong but getting nailed clean with a hard shot from Carter. That would be pretty much all Carter would amount in the offensive department as it was Quarry dispatching of the cagey veteran by knocking him down twice with a devestating right hand. The second time he came in to finish with punches, but the referee was already stopping the fight giving Quarry the win via TKO in round 1.


Winner: Nate "Rock" Quarry via TKO (punches) in Round 1.



"The Head Hunter" Paul Buentello vs. Kevin Jordan


This was the pay-per view opener. Very weird entrance music and octagon walk by Kevin Jordan, newcomer to the UFC. Buentello comes out in yellow as usual. Awesome fight from the get-go with Buentello getting rocked bad early, seemingly on the brink of defeat. He managed to turn it around nearly knocking out Jordan many times, but also getting caught with some big shots in the process as well. The fight ends when it hits the floor and Buentello manages to secure a single-arm guillotine, almost a side neck-crank for the tapout and the submission victory in round 1.


Winner: "The Head Hunter" Paul Buentello via Submission (neck-crank) in Round 1.



Forrest Griffin vs. Bill Mahood


The PPV debut for the winner in the 205 lb. division of "The Ultimate Fighter" reality show on SpikeTV in Forrest Griffin, against tough Canadian fighter Bill Mahood. Both guys came out swinging a little bit early, with the fight going to the floor. Griffin gets Mahood's back and slowly secures a rear naked choke, getting the tapout and submission victory in round 1.


Winner: Forrest Griffin via Submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1.



Evan Tanner © vs. Rich "Ace" Franklin (UFC MW Title)


This is for the UFC Middleweight title. The first defense of the belt since Murilo Bustamante defended against Matt Lindland back at UFC 37 in May of 2002. Tanner is coming in the champion in the rematch with Franklin, who beat him the last time they fought at UFC 42 in April of 2003. Many, including Tanner, thought the first fight was stopped a bit prematurely. He'll get his chance to prove that tonight. Awesome fight that saw Tanner drop Franklin in the first round with a punch, almost knocking him out and getting the win, but didn't. From there, it was Franklin pulverizing Tanner's face all night long for four straight rounds. The fight was stopped due to a big cut/welt above Tanner's left eye in the fourth, and as soon as the doctor saw it the fight was stopped and Rich Franklin was awarded the victory by TKO in round 4, and the UFC Middleweight championship belt. Evan Tanner's face was an utter mess.


Winner: Rich "Ace" Franklin via TKO (stoppage) in Round 4 to become UFC Middleweight champion.



Karo "The Heat" Parisyan vs. Matt "The Terror" Serra


Awesome fight. Much like the last fight, Serra dropped Parisyan in the first round with a punch, and the rest was all his opponent. Parisyan had a tight armbar on once, but Serra managed to escape. Parisyan had a rear naked choke secured, but Serra escaped. On the feet Parisyan was dominating with strikes and takedowns whenever he wanted, and brutalized Serra with elbows on the ground, nearly stopping him several times. When it was all said and done, the former 155 lb. Serra hung in there at 170 lbs. with one of the top contenders in Karo Parisyan, managing to take him the distance. It was Parisyan winning an easy unanimous decision with two judges giving him the fight 3 rounds to 0, 30-27, and one judge scoring it 2 rounds to 1, 29-28, all in favor for Karo "The Heat" Parisyan.


Winner: Karo "The Heat" Parisyan via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)



"The Pitbull" Andrei Arlovski vs. Justin Eilers


Arlovski was dominating the first round with relative ease, landing heavy strikes at will against the underdog Eilers. He had Eilers face a bloody mess, mainly around his nose and mouth. Late in the first round Eilers planted his foot wrong and popped his knee or somewhere on his leg and collapsed, grabbing his leg. Arlovski jumped on top with punches and the referee stopped the fight. The winner by TKO in round 1 due to injury stoppage and still interim UFC Heavyweight champion "The Pitbull" Andrei Arlovski.


Winner: "The Pitbull" Andrei Arlovski via TKO (injury stoppage) in Round 1.



UFC 54 Announcements:

-Chuck Liddell will defend his UFC Light Heavyweight title for the first time against the first guy ever to beat him in MMA, making his UFC return - Jeremy Horn.

-Randy Couture will be fighting another tough wrestler in Mike Van Arsdale to headline the undercard.

-Top ranked Welterweights Frank Trigg and Georges St. Pierre will square off in an anticipated showdown.

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