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Guys I am sorry before I even start to go off on this team, but I can't just keep going off about this team with my girlfriend, so here goes. This team is sad to watch, I have watched this team from '93 on up, and this is probably the most frustration that I have ever built up, on a baseball team. You see in '93 we were not supposed to win, so a win was nice, and they played there asses off that year, hell they played there asses off every year from what i can see. I would rather watch the team from '00-02 then this team right now. That team hustled there asses off every game, but they weren't expected to win, and as we all know they didn't win very much, but we were all still there, and we were still happy for them no matter what happened. This year, I can't get over the ineptitude of this team. We are just two innings shy of breaking our own record of most scoreless innings, and that to me, with this team, is sad. I hate to say it but it might be time to fire someone, maybe Robinson, maybe McKeon, maybe.

I don't know if that will get it done, I mean the players play the game, not the coaches. Should we trade Lowell and Pierre? What would we get for them, probably next to nothing the way they are playing right now, and I am all for trading Enc, and then I would say bring up Hermida, he can't do any worse. I am just sick and tired of watching this team flounder the way it has all season, just like everyone else is I am sure. They finally have a team that is supposed to win, and they can't do s*** with it. I know in '03 we were the feel good team of the year with McKeon coming back and all. But this year, there is nothing to feel good about, we need some changes, I just can't tell you what it is right now.

I may say, "This is crap I will never watch this team again, they are awful!" But I will still watch FSN/Pax, and I will still cheer for them, because I am a fan, but a very upset fan at that. So with that final note I will say go Marlins, and take us to the playoffs!! GO FISH!!!

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It is risky to roll the dice on Hermida or Willingham, but I could be worth a try.


You don't need to post a rant thread, we already have plenty, and I can guarantee you that most people share your feelings right now.


You just have to settle back and let the season unfold.


When you feel really bad, just watch Accord's Marlins 2004 video. It never fails on me.

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What was the name of the other AA player we called up in '03,? Cab- something.



The chances of getting another Cabs are extremely remote.


True, but wouldn't it be worth a shot right now, I mean, I don't see us getting another right fielder because I don't think we are willing to part with a lot. I would say just focus on relief and leave it at that, or hell like a lot of people here have been saying, BRING UP WILLY!!! He can fill in...I mean he is doing a fine job of hitting, and he can't be much worse then Encs drunk ass out there in right field!

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