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AJ Styles and Samoa Joe


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In a follow up to numerous stories making the rounds, many TV industry sources are stating that TNA and Spike TV could be announcing a "done deal" as of the next week or two. From what is understood, the deal would first start out as TNA paying for the time, but then that stipulation would expire if ratings showed a rise. This was the stipulation TNA first attempted with WGN, but that deal fell through when WGN didn't want to see TNA stop paying regardless if ratings rose. In addition, there doesn't appear to be any panic from Dixie Carter over the state of the company or its current television situation. Many skeptics of TNA have been told that Panda Energy will remain committed to the company as a long-term project no matter how strong or poorly things turn out in the next 6 to 12 months.


AJ Styles' second reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion only lasted for one month as those on the TNA booking committee felt there would be a lack of upcoming opponents for him and was even considered a temporary champion, even by those who are really high on him. Many feel Styles just so happened to win the title when Dixie Carter took her real first stand against The Jarrett's and wanted to see Jeff drop the title as she felt "it was time" according to many. At this point, Styles is scheduled to be moved back to the X Division, although a feud between himself and Sean Waltman is expected based on TV tapings.


The current opinion of Samoa Joe at the moment within TNA is that he is very skilled, but possibly a bit too stiff with some workers who haven't worked with him previously. Some in TNA feel he could use work on his appearance (not his weight, jut overall look) and that he could carry himself differently in the ring facial expression wise. The general opinion at the moment is that he will benefit working in a new environment with a new mix of opponents in regards to his goal of becoming a solid in-ring worker. Many feel it won't be long until he becomes a major player for TNA down the line as he reportedly signed a long-term deal with the company.

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