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Vince McMahon Assaults Hogan


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Thanks to PWInsider.com:


Hulk Hogan appeared on Live with Regis & Kelly this morning to promote Hogan Knows Best on VH-1. Here is a recap:


- Hogan came out and joked about how his "hand to the ear" still works, as the audience reacted every time he did it. Hogan then joked with Regis about working out, putting over what great shape Regis is in. Hogan pointed out his wife and kids, who were standing on the side of the set.


- They discussed how the VH-1 series came about. Hogan said the one-hour "Stage Dad" special on the channel did well, and led to the television series. Hogan was very honest about the fact that they were doing the reality show in order to try and give Brooke's music career a boost.


- Hogan mentioned that his family were the "Anti-Osbournes" and that while he runs a "tight ship", his wife runs a "tighter ship".


- They mentioned that Hogan wrestled this past Monday, and won, but didn't talk about the Shawn Michaels attack. Hogan talked about flying back to New York with Vince McMahon, and said that Vince was acting "juvenile" during the flight, throwing cheese and pretzels at him while he was trying to rest on the plane. They joked that Hogan and Vince could have started wrestling right on the plane.


- They aired the clip of Hogan giving the 22-year-old that wanted to date Brooke the third degree (same clip from Raw). Hogan said that meeting was so traumatic for the guy, he was never the same again.


- Hogan explained the clip further, saying that he felt the 22-year-old had befriended Nick (Hogan's son) to get closer to Brooke. Hogan said he wouldn't let him date the 16-year-old Brooke, but did say they could have a "supervised field trip". Hogan talked about disguising Brian Knobs and Jimmy Hart and having them follow the two on their "field trip". Hogan then mentioned that he installed a GPS on the car so he could track them, and got an ovation from the audience for keeping tabs on them.

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