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Lawler to be released?


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Credit: PWTorch.com Newsletter


With the recent addition of The Coach to the RAW broadcast team, some speculation is taking place within WWE that Jerry Lawler could be moved off the team or even released by WWE possibly. The overwhelming opinion of Lawler in WWE is that he is seen as overpaid of what is asked of him and many feel The Coach can fill his shoes for a much smaller salary. It should be noted that Coach is said to be more popular and social with key members of the WWE production staff than Lawler is at this point.


Concerning the WWE's decision to not seek renegotiation with The Dudley Boyz this past week, one WWE wrestler wasn't said to be surprised of the move at all. "Creative kept telling the Dudleys they were trying to come up with something for them," said the wrestler. "But they never had anything for them. Their leaving doesn't surprise me at all."




I hope he doesn't get released. I really like this new three man announce team they're doing and would hate to see it go back to two.

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He stopped being funny after he came back. Since then he's been terrible and is boring to listen to.


Jr and Tazz make a great combo, as they've shown at The Rumble. Put the coach and Cole together on Smackdown and get rid of that unfunny hack

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