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What to expect from Jason Vargas

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Olsen has the higher


of the two because he has purer power stuff and his size makes hitters

uncomfortable at the plate. Vargas is more of a bulldog, ala Al

Leiter. He

goes right after hitters with an 88-92 MPH fastball and a good slider

and a

change. He's really taken off as a pitcher in the pros because he's

been able

to concentrate solely on pitching after sharing his time between

hitting and

pitching in college.


I think Olsen can become a #2/3 starter in the majors and Vargas has


starter ability. Both are talents. scouts view

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Good analysis of both....I am certainly pleased to see that Vargas was not headed to the bullpen.....that might have ruined him




agree, it was sad what they did to Yorman when he got called up, he was throw in a baseloaded situation out of bullpen, but back to your point yes I'm also glad.Its amazing looking back on that long beach st team that Vargas would be the first one to the ML, while Weaver after holdout a year is still in A-ball :D

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