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The Monkey & The Lizard


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so a monkey is sitting in a tree smoking a joint when i little lizard comes up to him and says "hey monkey, you gonna let me hit that joint?"


the monkey replies "sure man have a seat and take a puff".


the two finish the joint and the lizard turns to the monkey and says "man, that joint gave me some wicked cottonmouth. i'm going to the lake down there to get something to drink."


the lizard climbs down the tree to the lake and is sitting on the bank drinking when all of a sudden he sees an alligator.


the alligator says to the lizard "you look high as hell. where did you get some weed?"


the lizard replies "see that monkey in the tree up there, he's got some."


the alligator makes his way over to the tree and yells up at the monkey "hey monkey you got anymore weed?"


the monkey looks down at the alligator in surprise and says "damn lizard, how much water did you drink?"

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