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Reinsdorf to meet with D.C. officials over Nats stadium


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WASHINGTON ? (AP) ? City officials will meet with Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf on Thursday to express their concerns about the rising costs of a proposed Washington Nationals stadium.


Reinsdorf, Major League Baseball's point man on lease negotiations, was scheduled for a closed-door session arranged by Council Chair Linda W. Cropp.


The meeting, first reported in The Washington Post, comes a day after Mayor Anthony A. Williams said he didn't think arbitration would be necessary in getting a lease deal done before the Dec. 31 deadline.


Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, wrote city leaders this week to express concern the city would miss that date, which was set forth in the agreement signed last year that led to the Montreal Expos' move to Washington.


Williams urged council members and baseball officials to tone down their public statements. "We're under a lot of pressure. We need some help,'' he said.


Some council members have insisted they will not vote to approve a stadium lease before baseball selects a new owner for the franchise, purchased by the other 29 teams in 2002. Eight groups are seeking to buy the franchise, which MLB is offering for about $450 million.


Baseball officials have said a lease agreement must precede the selection of an owner.




Ok Baseball is getting involved in the Nationals stadium issues, but I don't see them offering anyhelp to the marlins stadium troubles.....you can tell the Nationals are owned by all the owners except LORIA!

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MLB is negotiating on behalf of themselves in this deal. They aren't offering any serious concessions or offering any money for the project. I'm sure Loria would reject MLB's offer to take over the role as liason between the Marlins and city, county and state. Why? Loria must abind by the offers MLB makes and inherit the relationships after the deal is or is not completed. He stands to gain little to nothing by inviting MLB to take over such a role.

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Guest markotsay7

Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, wrote city leaders this week to express concern the city would miss that date


MLB missing a deadline? No way!

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