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More info on Grant Psomas from the Hagerstown Suns PbP guy


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In my humble opinion, Grant was the team's MVP last year. He wasn't the

fastest guy or the strongest, but he hit for average, power, and with

great bat control. Grant has a great eye at the plate, he follows the ball

into the catcher's glove, a la Jeter or Mattingly formerly. His hands at

third were excellent, and was voted the best defensive third baseman in

the SALY League last year(by Baseball America). He was also a mid-season

All-Star, and won the Homerun Derby there. There was another player on the

Suns last year(Dante Brinkley) that had more of an impact on the team,

because of his off-field/clubhouse leadership, but I personally felt

Psomas was the best player at his position last year for the Hagerstown

Suns, taking everything into consideration(hitting, power, hit-n-run,

driving in runs, walks, base-running, arm, hands, instincts). I'm no

scout, just a broadcaster, but I really liked Grant as a player, and if I

had to guess, I think he could be a late season call-up by September 2007.




Jason Gordon

Mgr, Media Relations/Broadcasting

Hagerstown Suns Baseball

Office: 301.791.6266

New York Mets Class A Affiliate


Very good news. We could use that on a day like today.

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