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Hey everyone. This guy I've been emailing about my MLBlog account is doing a story about online ticket purchasing vs. the traditional ticket window. So, he wanted to get a fans point of view about it. Here is the email with the details:


I am writing a story for next Dec. 14 on the top of mlb.com and all club homepages about the Online Ticket Generation, and since most people now order their tickets that way (rather than the old ticket window), I am looking to quote MLB fans who have done that, and what the experience is like, how different it is from how it used to be with just ticket windows, the best thing about it, any specific examples (whether it was through the club site and which one, what game/seat/whatever), if you've had any experience using ticket-resell with club sites...anything like that which comes to mind. If you are interested or have any friends who might want to be included, please email anything my way. And I'd need first/last names and hometown of anyone I quote. Just looking for interesting fan participation in this to celebrate the online-ticket-buying generation. Thanks!

Mark Newman/MLB.com



You can email him at [email protected]






I sent mine, so get your stories in!


btw, this could be a way to show how many Fish Fans there really are and how we support the team. Maybe let him know you are a member of Marlinsbaseball. We could get some serious pub here!

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