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The REAL Free Stuff VI

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Free LeBron Playing Cards




Click "Meet the Lebrons". Login or register, then find all 12 "mementos" which are:


#1 The Football (upstairs on the sofa)

#2 Chamber of Fear AF1 (click left side of kitchen, they are below mirror)

#3 Mr. Basketball Ohio License Plate (on the car)

#4 Bicycle (outside DR)

#5 Television (upstairs)

#6 Deck of Cards (next to leather chair)

#7 Zoom Generation 1 (click on fridge, then on small lion statue on the lower right)

#8 Milk Crate (in the fridge)

#9 Chess Piece (on table)

#10 State Championship Trophy (upstairs, above sofa)

#11 Wrestling Belt (next to TV in DR)

#12 Remote Control SUV


**Warning.. This takes forever to complete, but if you have the patience its definately worth such a collectors item!


"Let Me Ask Ya This: 55 Great Questions to Ask Someone You Just Met.".'



Free XBOX Live Diamond Card




Simply by filling out this survey completely, not only do you win a free 1:43 Die Cast Shell ROTELLA ? T Racing Truck, but you also get entered to win one of five $100 Shell Gift Cards.


3 Free Chocolate Truffles



Free 2 week online movie trial at Blockbuster plus 2 free instore movie rentals!!



Free Mini Vodka


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