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Lethal Lockdown


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HELLO ALL, and WELCOME...once again, to this weeks edition of the Articles, here on TNAwrestlingnews.com. I have decided to post early this week, so I hope you all enjoy. With that, LET'S GET TO THE ARTICLES>>>>


With iMPACT! wrapping up this week, much speculation and excitment is going around, thanks to the man known as STING..and other news none the less...


On iMPACT!, "Steve Borden" revealed that he will come back as STING(told you). And the beauty of it, is we won't have to wait for Lockdown, as he is to show up in the iMPACT! zone at the next taping. OH YEA! Not only that, but the "Lethal Lockdown" match will be revealed as well, and their is to be a ceiling on the cage as well..and weapons..hanging from the ceiling. I see a Hell in a Cell type thing, but none the less..HOLY CRAP!


To top it off, Sting also mentioned that he has someone on "speed-dial" as well. Hmm...it's time for a math lesson children!!


Add -


Sting has someone on "speed-dial",




Goldberg openly admitting he has only talked to Sting about coming in to TNA,




GOLDBERG IN TNA. It's going to happen, and my honest opinion is that even though Goldberg has supposedly NOT been in any talks with TNA...it could just have a tight lid on the situation. Hey, they did the same thing with Steiner, and that was pretty smart on TNA's part, because it makes the debut THAT MUCH BETTER PEOPLE!!


I'd like to think, much like everyone else, that it will in fact be Goldberg, BUT...take it with a grain of salt, because we will not know for sure..until Lockdown people. Ok then, enough of that.


It seems as though Team 3D will FINALLY get their rematch against AMW for the Tag Team Titles. AMW, you've had a nice run and all..but Team 3D made an example of Team Canada on iMPACT! in the cage..and well..you're screwed at Lockdown...


Also, next week, an X Division 4 way for Number 1 contendership to the X Division Title, and it already looks AWESOME. Of course, what match in TNA isn't with guys like Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, Sonjay Dutt, and Alex Shelley. Considering Joe is to go into a feud with Sabu(more of that in a minute), I'm going to have to pull for Sabin in this one. Sabin need's a push, and as well Sonjay, but Sabin is familiar with the X Title, and over with the fans. That isn't to say he will probably lose at Lockdown, but we'll see for sure. HAIL SABIN!


Ahem...Joe vs. Sabu? ARE YOU FRIKKIN KIDDING ME? For one, I'm happy to see Sabu back in TNA after all this time, and for two, this match will be FRIKKIN insane man. Joe has the power and stiff shots...Sabu has the hardcore and insane persona..throw in the Six Sides of Steel, and you have a match to remember people. Wow. Just..wow.


Ok, I would make hype about the James Gang vs. AMW for the Titles this week, but..c'mon...us fans waited this long for a title change..and I think we deserve to see Team 3D kick AMW's A***** at Lockdown. In the words of Dustin Roads..Goldy in WWE(again)....NUFF' SAID.


Also, peeping around in the rumor mill this week, Spike Dudley is apparently..."more than likely going to TNA". Ooook. Where did this come from? A few months ago, he wasn't interested I think. And now he is "more than likely" coming to TNA? No lead up? No..."possibly in talks"? I mean, it's good news and all. Hmm. If this is the case, then I can undoubtedly see Team 3D win the Titles at Lockdown with the interference of Spike to their team. I'll keep tabs on this.


ANYWAY...that's all I got for this week, I hope you enjoyed it, write me and stuff and more stuff...in the words of my girlfriend, RAWR...ok, I'll just end with my normal punchline..SLAM HARD AND SLAM OFTEN!! I'm out..Laterzz







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