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A Doctor's Funeral


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A rich, well-loved cardiologist lived a long and prosperous life, but,

finally passed away as we all tend to do. Being the all-around nice

guy that he was, his many friends and co-workers gave him a

spectacular funeral.



As they all stood and watched, his mahogany coffin slid along tracks

into the crematory doors. Encircling the crematory doors was a massive

ornate heart, made of roses and carnations, to signify all the hearts

he had touched, literally and figuratively.



Suddenly, one of the doctor's best friends began to laugh

histerically. Quite angry at the outburst, everyone turned to glare at




"I'm sorry," he said. "I was just thinking: I'm a gynecologist, so

what's my funeral gonna be like?"



The proctologist gasped and fainted.

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