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I need to releive some stress.....

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Okay so school's gonna start soon and I'm about to enter my junior year of high school. I just turned 16 about a month ago, and REALLY badly want a car. My mother knows that and decides to make a purely evil bribe. I can either move with her to Ocala (middle of no where) Florida, and get ANY car my heart desires. Or we stay down here and I can pay for my own car (and with my pay may take forever). First off, about two months ago my mother and I had agreed that we were NOT gonna move to Ocala (unlike the rest of my family) and set a new pattern by moving to new york to be with my sisters and their families. Ok so that all took place about 4 days ago. But then I find out that my cousin and one of my sisters are actually flying down here to Ocala next week to look at houses and may possibly buy one very soon. I really love where I live now and my school, and am very settled in with the friends I've had since the sixth grade and do NOT want to move to Ocala, I would much rather be in new york where I visit every summer and winter (so friend making and comfort around the area wont be a problem). Then, while all of that is running through my mind at work, I get a message from my manager to tell me to meet him in his office :( . My first words as I walk into the office are "Am I fired?" and he tells me no...... but almost. He said that while interviewing some recent applicants, he and the owners of the store (the big boss') were going through some of the current employees and just stating who they think should stay and who should go. As they went through the list the only name that really sparked any conversation was mine. Apparently my boss thinks that I'm a slacker and should be fired immediatly. However my gaurdian angel must have made a quick visit and thankfully decided that my manager should defend me. He told them that he saw something special in me and that I had a great work ethic. (Just to catch you up I've been working there for 11 months now and Im the longest lasting employee at this store since nobody else would put up my boss's crap). My manager also said that he wouldnt have promoted me 5 months ago if he didnt think I could handle it. He practically begged them to give me a second chance. He however didnt schedule me to work at all this week because he wanted to discuss whether I truly wanted to stay there or not. He said I didnt need to return to the "above and beyond" work ethic that I had, but at least get what needs to be done, done. So now Ive got a week off of work and am gonna spend it in Ocala with my mom "house hunting" with my sister and cousin. Ive got whether or not to keep my lousy job (that pays 10 cents above minimum wage AS A SHIFT LEADER), and the threat of possibly moving to Ocala and leaving everything I love here behind, all weighting heavily in my head. I've even asked my mom to let me just stay and finish high school here, but it looks like if my sister and cousin move, we are too! This is way too much stress for me to handle......

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