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Beatles- Love


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Coming from a huge Beatles fan (own all of the albums on cd, and most on vynil), I approached this one with some fear, as at seemed like it was, at best a gimmick, and at worst exploitation of the worst kind. I kind of expected a rip off album, somewhere between the worst of the material on the Anthologies and the worst of the songs on Dj Danger Mouse's Grey Album.


Strangely enough, the Grey Album is probably the best reference point for this album. It is a collection of takes from the Anthology discs featuring the Beatles best work melded together. You've got "The Word" and "Savoy Truffle" and "Taxman" and "Drive My Car" all together on one track, put together in a way that seems completely natural and unforced.


Just another example of George Martin's genius.


The best moment is the transition from "The End" to "Get Back". Those 10 seconds are perfect.


This is the perfect album for anyone who loves the Beatles and who wants to hear their favorite songs in a new way. I don't think I've ever smiled as much from a song than I did when "Love You To" transitions into the delicate opening chords of "Here Comes The Sun".



Also, they've somehow managed to make "Something" even more beautiful with the remastering and the added strings. I can't say enough about how strikingly beautiful everything sounds with the remastered sounds. It's just more evidence that they need to get around to remastering the entire catalogue (which would force me to buy it again, which I'm not opposed to).

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