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Since all that ever gets listed here is movies, tv shows, music and games, I figured I'd start up a literature thread so people can suggest and discuss books.


The latest book I read was Laughable Loves by Milan Kundera. It's a collection of seven short stories which range from humorous to tragic all with an underlying theme of love and relationships. For those of you unfamiliar with Kundera, he is a Czech writer currently living in France and has put out many various novels and collections of short stories. This is the fourth book which I've read by him and have thoroughly enjoyed all of his works so far.

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I'm currently reading:




It's great for the beach.




I'm also reading:




I'm less than halfway through, but a person could easily finish it in a day. It's a very entertaining read about not much at all, really, but kind of about music, and kind of about the writer's relationship with his wife, who died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism. Which kind of ties into the first book I'm reading. Anyone who read and enjoyed High Fidelity would probably like this.




And finally, of the books I've read in the last year, the one I would would most universally recommend is:




It's maybe a little hard to explain, but it's basically about this 14 year-old sarcastic outcast who's going through the hell that is high school. The book is hilarious. Amazon can give a much more thorough scenario than I've given here. A friend in Hollywood tried to aquire the rights to turn it into a TV show, but he got beat to the punch by Will Ferrell's production company, who are making it into a movie instead. It's clearly a better fit for a TV series than for a film, but who's going to argue with Will Ferrell.

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