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No SuperVGA Chip Detected


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I've got a lot of old games that I have trouble running on my windows XP pc. Now, I've managed to work my way around and get most of them to work fine on my PC. However, I still have an issue with SVGA games. When I try to run them, I get a message along the lines of "no supported supervga chip detected"


Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue other than buying an old outdated computer?



UPDATE: I may have it figured out. It appears it's just going to require a bunch of pain in the ass procedures each time I want to play one.

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I think I've almost got it. The only problem I'm having is when using a cdrom, it's rather choppy. I'm using DOSBox .65 if any of you have any suggestions. For the moment. I'm going to try copying the cd to the hard drive.


EDIT: That plan did not work.

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