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High Resolution Pictures of MLB Stadiums


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Hey does anyone know where I can download high res pictures of mlb stadiums? It would be best if they were just pictures of the stadiums without any people in them, like just field and seats. I have looked all over the internet and most pictures are just of a terrible resolution for what I want to use them for. I want to use them to test CG crowds. Any ideas? Thanks

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Try Windows live local. Not only do they feature good resolution for standard aerial imagery, but they actually have oblique-view photographs of essentially every urban area in the country. If you live in a large city, you'll probably even find hi-res oblique photos of your house/apartment.


Check it out: (You can zoom out with all of these. And if the links aren't working, navigate there yourself, zoom in a bit, and click on birds-eye view for the oblique photographs.)


Aerial view of Dolphins stadium


Northern oblique view


Eastern oblique


Southern oblique


Western oblique


Just type in the proper name of the stadium you're looking for into the "city, address, or landmark" field, and it'll find it for you. It really is an incredible tool.


About the only thing it can't do is look inside domes or fix up playing surfaces for you. Sorry.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention, the 3D modeling that Microsoft has implemented in their new Virtual Earth beta program really blows Google Earth's attempt at 3D modeling out of the ballpark.


Maybe I'll make a thread / post some screens later when I have some time, but I'm ridiculously excited about what is going to come out of this program once MS adds the same functionality that Google Earth has right now.

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