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xbox360 for Mac?

Ice Man

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IDK how much money you have, but did you look at throwing 360 on ebay or something? You can get a new iMac for 1,200. I do not think you would need to go up unless you were doing some more intense things on the computer. Otherwise you wouldn't need all the power or space. The 24" screen would be nicer, but then you jump up to 1,800. Anyway, you can get an iMac new for about 29 dollars a month. If you finance it through them, financing isn't always fun but it will establish better credit and it isn't a killer at 29 a month. Say you put the xbox360 money down it will be even less.

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I'm trying, desperately mind you, to get an IMac(g4 atleast) or Mac Mini for my dad for his birthday coming up. I don't have much cash since I just moved.


I don't need the newest one. Just a G4 or so. It would be for just music and movies. He likes macs more than PC's. I can build him a comparable PC for much less. But whatever.

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