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  1. I quite enjoy it. I give it an A minus. I don't understand the hate for it here though. Anyhow, so far I think the best tracks are: Better, Street of Dreams, Scraped, Catcher in the Rye, Sorry, I.R.S and Madagascar. Those are IMO quality tracks. The others range from alright to meh.
  2. Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown and Buckcherry are playing at UCF Arena December 3rd.
  3. Fredi is Cuban. How old are some of you? 7? I WANT LIVAN BACK! LOL! ....
  4. I'm 99% sure the Marlins had teal pinstripes from 93-96 or so.
  5. That guy was beat up by me for looking like a tool. The End. Wow. This coming from the guy's who last played track was from shinedown. pshhh. Shinedown's new album is better than you. Pop Mainstream metal is cool. You probably like Avenged sevenfold too. :| x10 Since when is Shindown pop mainstream metal? Last time I checked they were sort of alternative. You can see what I generally listen to in my signature. I mostly listen to Black Sabbath. Right now I'm listening to Sting. So go f*** yourself buddy.
  6. That guy was beat up by me for looking like a tool. The End. Wow. This coming from the guy's who last played track was from shinedown. pshhh. Shinedown's new album is better than you.
  7. sigh...more guns will never ever bring about less violence Bingo. At least the ruling made it clear that there should be regulation. Unfortunately the NRA has already started to file lawsuits to challenge the stricter gun laws in court, with this case as their ammo (no pun intended). There should be regulation definitely. More guns won't bring less violence. But there will always be guns here. Legally or not. And the issue is, who will protect you or your loved ones in the case of criminals having guns and us not. Jimmy, I forgot how much I hated you.
  8. Where in the phrase "the right to keep and bear arms" is the word "militia?" This is the bill of rights we're talking about, which grants rights and protections to every citizen. Then obviously you didn't read the whole Second Amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The whole militia thing is just one example. At least thats what the SC says. I agree. My view on this issue: we should be allowed to have guns to protect our selves. Criminals will get guns regardless. Most people who legally have guns(most) don't cause the problem. It's the ones who obtain them illegally.
  9. I'm sorry but a manager not only needs to allow his players to show emotion but have the guts to get in their faces when they need a swift kick in the a&*. He had the same problem last year and it's happening again now. If they are going to be successful it will NOT be with this guy. Until I hear him give the team a major league a&%chew, he needs to GO. :mad Moron +1
  10. I am tempted to love Gregg as our closer just because some of you dislike him. Because some of you are morons. I said it.
  11. Why doesn't anyone listen to Godfather? He speaks the truth. Gregg gives me heart attacks when he comes in. ALWAYS. But he seems to nail it down most of the time, Albeit very scarily. I'm curious to see what his Opponents BA is...
  12. That guy was beat up by me for looking like a tool. The End.
  13. I'd rather send down Hopper or Logan French Kensing at that point. I can't imagin carrying 13 pitchers for too much longer. Send down Kensing? Some of you people have no clue.
  14. PWG and Billy, Eat crow you motheruckers.
  15. While I agree Gregg is to blame, you have to give it to him that he ended up pitting in the game ending DP and Hanley messed it up. I think Uggla's flip didn't really help. Utley has above average speed; I'm not even sure if we get Utley there, even if Hanley does get it out of his glove. I'm more upset with Gregg. When hitters are batting less than .200 off of you, it shows that you have good stuff. However, Gregg can't be walking batters like this, at a consistent rate, and that's why I often get frustrated, at times, with him. +1
  16. Youtube removed video, go here if yuo wanna see it: http://orlandocustompc.com/
  17. First buy a really expensive guitar. I recommend this one: Les Paul 1957 Reissue I mean, you gotta look like a rocker to play like one! Second, get a really expensive amp, I recommend a Marshall or Line-6. Thirdly, never practice. Ever Lift weights or something. You think Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton or Angus Young ever practiced? Hell no. Fourthly, buy a puffy shirt. Seventhly, Return the Puffy Shirt. Eighty Ninthly, join Hair club for men. Sixthly, rent tuxedo pants and cummerbund. Wear only those. And voila! You're rockin! You can thank me later.
  18. It wouldn't be kosher if I told you specifically where I got the videos, but you can tell by watching the vid. It took a little sneak move to download them though.
  19. Anyone else see the similarity in these to pics?
  20. The song is actually celtic.
  21. Anyone want to take a venture about what Dan Graziano (the writer of this crap) looks like??? I'm guessing he is somewhere around a 5'6'' 240 pound ugly New Yorker with a lazy goatee. Gotta ask. What's a lazy goatee? Thats a lazy goatee. But this is Dan Graziano: https://www.dangraziano.com/Page_3.php
  22. I made this video last night. Enjoy.
  23. http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/news/articl...sp&c_id=fla NEW YORK -- It may be a change of pace for him as a Marlin, but Jorge Cantu has a track record of production batting in the third spot. Florida is seeing the results right now. Cantu was a hero in the Marlins' doubleheader sweep of the Giants on Sunday at Dolphin Stadium. He homered in both games. And with the Marlins trailing by two in the seventh inning of the second game, Cantu's two-run, two-out single tied it and set up Dan Uggla's walk-off single in the ninth, completing a 5-4 win. The Marlins are looking to solidify the middle of the order, especially with Josh Willingham -- their regular cleanup hitter -- on the disabled list with a lower back sprain. Hanley Ramirez had gone a stretch of 16 games batting third before he was moved back to the leadoff spot. In Cantu's first five games batting third, he went 7-for-18 with two homers, six RBIs and four runs scored. "I like it there. I hit there a lot when I was with Tampa," Cantu said. Off to a solid start as the Marlins third baseman, Cantu is striving to show he is the same player who hit .286 with 28 home runs and 117 RBIs in 2005 with Tampa Bay. "It's about concentration, and hitting third, that's a prestigious position to hit," Cantu said. "I did that in the past. Now it's working out real well. The bottom line is hard work." One reason Cantu is batting third is he helps split up left-handed hitters Jeremy Hermida (batting second) and Mike Jacobs (fourth). Uggla, a right-hander hitter, is on a tear in the fifth spot. So Cantu finds himself in an ideal situation, sandwiched between talented hitters. The Marlins open their road trip in first place in the National League East. "We can play against any team," Cantu said. "We go to the ballpark expecting to win every day. That's the main thing. "I think it is really sinking in, that winning attitude. We're really gelling. When we lose a game, we have that attitude of, 'Man, we should have won that game.' That's a good attitude to have."
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