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Pamela Anderson: Sunday School Teacher


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Pammy teaches school

November 27, 2003



YOU might see more dads making the effort to pick up their kids at a certain church: Pamela Anderson says she's now working as a Sunday school teacher.


The one-time Playboy centerfold, 36, says her faith in God has helped her cope with bad times in her life.


"I'm teaching at my sons' Sunday school. It's reading the Bible, getting out jelly beans and setting the kids a good example," she said on BBC1's The Hand Of God, to be aired December 2.


"There have been bad times and good times and I have had religion to get me through. I think it's important as I've always believed in God."


The actress says she doesn't see any contradiction between her sexy image and believing in God.


"Maybe I've surprised people," she says. "When you are blonde, people have low expectations of you."


Anderson, currently on TV as the voice of a cartoon-stripper-turned-sleuth in the series Stripperella, added: "I'm not killing anyone or breaking any laws with my work. It is entertainment - there's nothing wrong with it."


Meanwhile, Anderson - who starred with then-husband Tommy Lee in the most notorious celebrity sex tape of all time - said Shannen Doherty's husband Rick Salomon is responsible for the leaking of his sex tape with Paris Hilton, reports The New York Post.


She claims Salomon showed her the tape before it leaked onto the Internet earlier this month.


"I did see a little bit of it a long time ago. A long time ago," she said. "Actually, Paris' boyfriend was showing everybody."


Herald Sun

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