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Its US against the Orioles!


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The Yanks got Sheffield, so it looks like Vlad will go to either Baltimore or Florida. Now he has the same agent that Tejada does, he would join Tejada and probably Pudge, so there is his spanish partners, and Baltimore can afford to give him more than we can, so that seems to put the Orioles in the lead. But...according to Jayson Stark, a close friend of Vlad said Sunday that his first choice would be to play in Florida. He also makes some other good points, "In South Florida, obviously, he would be surrounded by balmy weather, a large Spanish-speaking community, more prominent Dominican players and a front office populated in great part with people he was familiar with in Montreal -- including senior VP Fred Ferreira, the scout who signed him." It will be interesting to see what happens in the following few weeks. IMO, Vlad will be a Marlin.


On a side note, if Pudge and Vlad were signed by the Orioles, will this team turn to Lopez? Florida would be, quite possibly, the only destination available for Javy.

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