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anyone on these forums know anything about the iPods?


help me out


im getting a 10 gb 3rd generation new..for win xp


i dont have usb 2.0 port...only a 1.1 which i heard is compliant with the usb 2.0 cable anyways (correct?)


anyways....the usb adapter will work with the usb 1.1 right?


and does anyone know how much this cable costs and whether i need the dock for it?


any help is appreciated thanks a lot

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wut do u mean by downwards compatible?


i do have itunes actually but i dont even have the pod yet


so everything will work fine right?


im aware that the connection speed will be slower at soemthing like 10 mb/sec but damn thats good enough for me anyways...that can do an entire cd in like 6 seconds...


thanks for the help DT

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Yes, the USB 1.1 will be slower than the 2.0, but, as others have said, it should work. I don't think that an entire CD can be transferred in 6 seconds - the 10MB/sec is the maximum transfer speed, not the sustained transfer speed (think of it as like a hurricane, which has gusts of wind that are higher than the average speed). Still, I don't think you'll find it particularly slow, though if you do, USB 2.0 cards are getting less expensive now.

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yea i dont think i should have a problem either....even at 5 mb/s i could get


60 mb of mp3s (approximately one album) copied in 12 seconds...thats not bad at all


but your right...i could just get a usb 2.0 card for 10 bucks at compusa and im not computer retarded so i would have no problem installing it


thanks everyone :D

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