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A Very Italian Christmas In NY


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I was brought up by my Dad and the television. Anyway, he's 100% italian and catholic, and when times got better, we restarted an tradtion of the italian family's: 7 fish on christmas eve.


This christmas eve shrimp, king crab, calamari, other crabs, salmon/king fish, tuna, baccala (cod), and swordfish.


We have a butt-load of italian pastries and italian sparkling wine. We do this every year, listen to some christmas music, and watch movies like a family. To me, this is the good life, and even if you can taste it for only one day a year, it's better than none.


And with the left over fish, there is always christmas day lunch!


Now I feel like going off on a tangent. This stuff is kind of personal, so you don't have to read on. My dad wasn't always around, so my life was mostly being around my siblings or grandmother. This year, my grandma is no longer going to be with us (she went to hell, aka arizona), and this day kind of reminds me that I cannot see her that much anymore, which saddens me a lot. Tommorrow I have some surprises to open up, and I still can't wait to do that. I think there's no better feeling then when you were a kid on christmas morning and all of the sudden there is all of these gifts under the tree and candy in those big red and white glorified socks! Ah, those were good times. So times change, christmas changes, but it's always good.


This time of year, I remind myself to be thankful. Thankful that I have food to eat, a roof over my head, that I am an american, that I live somewhere with relatively little crime, that I have a family and a warm bed to sleep in. I am so extremely thankful for all of these things. The commercialization of christmas disgusts me, because it perverts christmas. Christmas is about being thankful, that and fulfilling our selfish desires for gluttony and gifts. But hey, gluttony and gifts are great.

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