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Ralph Nader Is So Ugly He Can Be A Modern Art Mast


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Ralph Nader Is So Ugly He Can Be A Modern Art Masterpiece


Ralph Nader has recently decided to throw his hat into the political arena yet again as a write in. Sure he has no chance of winning, sure he's just looking for publicity, sure he's just reaffirming he's not dead yet. Maybe if he is real lucky, he can be blamed yet again for "handing an election to Bush." If Gore didn't suck so much, people would of not voted for this ugly man above. Nader is a phoney like a lot of other politicians. What makes me most angry with him is that in an interview with time magazine he said that the Enron shady accounting was so corrupt it surprised even him. He has been doing corporate corruption crack downs since the 60s (or maybe even 1800s), in an episode of All In The Family, the annoying liberal guy who eats a lot even said, "I hope to fight corporate corruption with Ralph Nader" and this was a kajillion years ago. So Ralph is surprised? I'm surprised he said something so stupid.


Nonetheless, he runs again and if you like him, go vote for him. However, you have to admit his character is not the only thing ugly; he's just plain ugly. He looks like a cross between frankenstein and bob barker.




So if I would compare Nader's ugliness to anything, it would be to modern art. What is so visually ugly as modern art? If it ever has any meaning, it even has an alternate sociopolitical agenda like Nader!


History of Art:


Ancient Greece




Ancient Rome


Byzantine Art



Renaissance Art





Modern Art

(click at your own risk)


Maybe I cannot appreciate modern art, because just do not know enough about it. I don't know, what is there to get with elephant crap Virgin Marys or naken female black Jesus Christs? It seems like modern art is just random stupid crap or if it has any meaning it is an anti-conformist sociopolitical meaning in an offensive matter to get attention. A lot of modern art is just horrible. Sure, some big statues or nice and giant ashtrays are funny looking, but there is just too much stupid crap that makes people too much money to let modern art avoid criticism.


But modern art is like Ralph Nader, it is ugly and it's message is either stupid, sucks, or just not important.



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