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  1. Ka Heel Greene.. lol great stuff by Mike Shannon..
  2. you cards fan? are marlins fan too?? Cards fan, first and foremost, but if theres any other team I pull for its the Marlins.. just have liked them a while now..
  3. Date: Sunday, March 1, 2009 vs. Game: St. Louis Cardinals (2-1-1) vs. Florida Marlins (1-2-1) Time: 12:05 PM CT Radio: KTRS (Listen Live) Game Links: [boxscore] | [GameDay] | [GameDay Mini] Twitter Links: Derrick Goold | Matthew Leach | ESPN 101 Pitching Matchup: vs. Joel Pi?eiro | Anibal Sanchez Cards Scheduled To Pitch: Joel Pi?eiro, Kyle McClellan, Brad Thompson, Chris Perez, LHP Justin Fiske, LHP Ian Ostlund Marlins Scheduled to Pitch: Anibal Sanchez, Andrew Miller, Aaron Thompson, Burke Badenhop, Tim Wood, Jesus Delgado, WIllie Callazo, Carlos Martinez Lineups: 1. Skip Schumaker, 2B 2. Nick Stavinoha, DH 3. Ryan Ludwick, RF 4. Chris Duncan, 1B 5. Yadier Molina, C 6. Khalil Greene, SS 7. Colby Rasmus, CF 8. Joe Mather, 3B 9. Brian Barton, LF 1. Bonifacio, 3B 2. Maybin, CF 3. Hermida, LF 4. McPherson, DH 5. Uggla, 2B 6. Ross, RF 7. Andino, SS 8. Sanchez, 1B 9. Rabelo, C
  4. Hanley just hit a 2 run hr.. too bad my fantasy league doesnt start today.. I have him
  5. Top 3rd: Sanchez strikes out, 1 out Maybin flied to a diving RF Ludwick, 2 outs Baker singles to Ludwick, 2 out Royce Ring re places Blake Hawksworth Hanley Ramirez lineout to 2B Schumaker, 3 outs Mid 3: STL 1 - FLA 0 NEW TWITTER FOUND: 101 ESPN PBP I'm off of here though for now.. enjoy if you can!
  6. Bottom 2nd: Khalil Greene singles on line drive to RF Cody Ross, Khalil Greene out at 2nd, RF Ross to SS Ramirez, 1 out Jason LaRue grounds out to SS Ramirez, 2 out Joe Mather Walks, 2 out Schumaker singles to Hermida, Mather to 2nd, 2 out Rasmus flyout to CF Maybin, 3 out End 2: Cards 1 - Fish 0
  7. Not sure, just going by GD Top 2nd: Jeremy Hermida flies out to CF Ankiel, 1 out Cody Ross pops out to 2B Schumaker, 2 out Dallas McPherson grounds out to 1B Pujols, 3 outs
  8. Bottom 1st: Skip Schumaker reaches on fielding error by 1B Gaby Sanchez Colby Rasmus doubles to RF Cody Ross, Schumaker to 3rd, no outs Albert Pujols walks, bases loaded, no outs Rick Ankiel walks, Skip scores, Ras to 2nd, Pujols to 2nd, no outs; 1-0 Cardinals Ryan Ludwick called out on strikes, 1 out. Chris Duncan grounds into dp, 2B Uggla to SS Ramirez to 1B Sanchez, 3 outs End 1: Cardinals 1 - Marlins 0
  9. Well this is what I'm going by for now.. it's from Derrick Goold, STL Post Dispatch Writer Twitter: Goold
  10. Its in the opening post for GameDay.. Still says warming up so we'll see whenever..
  11. I'm not even sure MLB.com has the audio today *Sigh*
  12. Today's lineup vs. Florida, start time 12:05 p.m. CT: 1. Schumaker 2B 2. Rasmus LF 3. Pujols 1B 4. Ankiel CF 5. Ludwick RF 6. Duncan DH 7. K. Greene SS 8. LaRue C 9. Mather 3B Scheduled to pitch: Blake Hawksworth (starter), Fernando Salas, Francisco Samuel, Shaun Garceau, Royce Ring, Brad Furnish, Katsuhiko Maekawa. [Link] Marlins: 1. Cameron Maybin, CF 2. John Baker, C 3. Hanley Ramirez, SS 4. Jorge Cantu, 3B 5. Dan Uggla, 2B 6. Jeremy Hermida, LF 7. Cody Ross, RF 8. Dallas McPherson, DH 9. Gaby Sanchez, 1B SP Anibal Sanchez Scheduled To Pitch: Aaron Thompson, Brett Sinkbeil, Chris Leroux, Taylor Tankersley, Tim Wood, Brian Sanches [Link] Links that could work: [boxscore] | [GameDay] Press Pass: Cardinals Scheduled to Pitch Tomorrow: Kyle Lohse, Chris Perez, Brad Furnish, Ian Ostlund, Charlie Manning Not sure what else I could provide though.. baseball is back :notworthy
  13. St. Louis Miles, SS Schumaker, CF Pujols, 1B Ludwick, RF Ankiel, LF Glaus, 3B LaRue, C Looper, P Kennedy, 2B Florida Ramirez, SS Gonzalez, RF Cantu, 3B Jacobs, 1B Uggla, 2B Willingham, LF Baker, C Amezaga, CF Nolasco, P
  14. 1. S Schumaker, CF 2. F Lopez, 2B 3. A Pujols, 1B 4. R Ludwick, RF 5. R Ankiel, LF 6. T Glaus, 3B 7. Y Molina, C 8. K Lohse, P 9. C Izturis, SS 1. H Ramirez, SS 2. J Hermida, RF 3. J Cantu, 3B 4. M Jacobs, 1B 5. D Uggla, 2B 6. J Willingham, LF 7. C Ross, CF 8. J Baker, C 9. C Volstad, P
  15. Thats odd.. last I heard he was thinking of taking the first half or so off.. but he got a good deal out of a great half year coming back with the Cards.. I wish him the best in TB but I think he'll struggle because of what division he'll be in..
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