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  1. When it comes to teams like us, MLB should enforce some kind of rule that says we MUST allow certain players (number of players) to have NTCs. That way Loria's greedy ass has to at least field SOME of the guys the team signs.
  2. jservs7

    Samson on 790

    I can't even listen to this. It's embarrassing.
  3. jservs7

    Samson on 790

    I'm really hoping Dan asks what he'll do with the team next year if they don't win since wins are so important and if Loria believes in the possibility that a team of new players would need oh... maybe more than just ONE SEASON of being together in order to become a winning franchise?
  4. jservs7

    Samson on 790

    I think Dan poked him as much as he could. What do you guys think? I agree, but Samson answered everything like the perfect douche bag with a hidden agenda would. Tomorrow's convo will be pretty much the same. As soon as Samson has to answer a difficult question, he's going to keep saying how we are better and wins are what matter.
  5. jservs7

    Samson on 790

    He keeps talking about wins and losses when questions of trust come up. He's clueless. No, he's good at bullshitting. Which is why he's Loria's right hand man.
  6. jservs7

    Samson on 790

    Seriously. If they spent the money poorly, get rid of the people who built the sh*tty team. This FO needs to be refreshed. That's the biggest problem with all of this. He admits that they poorly spent the money last offseason and their moves were disastrous. So I can't understand why the f*** they are keeping Beinfest and Hill. It makes no f***ing sense.Because they are both good capologists. If they can field a team for cheap, they're what Loria needs.
  7. jservs7

    Samson on 790

    Apparently we are in a position to win more games next year. I'd bet Stanton will hit more homeruns for another team than we have wins next year.
  8. jservs7

    Samson on 790

    This interview is a total run around from Samson. Dude sounds like a crooked politician.
  9. Marlins firesale criticisms aside, why do people think this will put the Jays over the top? We were a last place team with those players. Because those players don't have to deal with all the insecurity issues that come with being a Marlin anymore.
  10. Breaking News: Miami Marlins to sell fans to other teams for $50 a piece So you're saying they're getting $950 extra?
  11. Giancarlo Stanton �@Giancarlo818 Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & Simple Goodbye Giancarlo! I'm glad the only new Marlins gear I bought was a fake chinese jersey with no name on it. Oops! Sorry! Don't wanna give Loria any ideas to save more money.
  12. This team is like the guy that throws money in the air in a strip club one night, then has to sell his car to pay his debt since he works at McDs.
  13. Can anyone calculate how much money we just slashed for next year? Enough to still be considered a farm system for other MLB teams.
  14. At least we don't have Muhammad Ali trying to get his first ML hit.
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